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Precious Moments: Home

D' time
is running
very quickly.
No one cant deny,
we'll soon say byebye.
Who is going to tell a lie
that he is never going to cry?
We have been together for four years
and we are bonded as lovers and peers.
Many times we had smiled and cried tears.
Undoubtedly, this school has been our world
for almost twelve hours evr'y weekdays we are here,
spending and cherishing blithe and vivacious moments
but sometimes those unforgettable minutes cause us laments
because remembering those would make us weary when we part,
would make us frown and would definitely tickle our hearts,
but being together will always be a special time for us
Parties, dance nights and even the simple classes,
we had shared our moments smiling and crying.
In our hearts ecstatic times are dominating.
Moments are blocks that build a house.
We had a lot and we'll make more,
and soon we'll make them HOME
where to put our kind hearts.
No one can't truly deny.
We will say goodbye,
but our hearts
will stay at

I am so sorry for the simplicity of the poem. There are only few images. I wrote this last year.








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