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Grey Maybes//Definite Emotion

Maybe because you are the wind that pushed me to fly
Maybe because I had no wings in the first place and
I fell down into the abyss
Maybe because you were a grey cloud before
Maybe when we met you began to be
the rainbow after the storm
and I am the gray that is washed away
by your raidiance
Maybe because you dried my tears away
and put a smile on my face
Maybe because you are the wind of a storm
that still I see tears from your eyes
Maybe I'm just not the one for you.

Hello, this is Krinkle. I wrote this eons ago (don't ask) for a writing activity. We start with the word "maybe" and think of all of the phrases and words that you could think of it, and form a poem. This is how mine came out.

Hold Me, Hold me
I am cold as metal
and I seek the warmth of your hands
Your hands possess the essence of emotion
Play Me, Play me
I am your saxophone
Your tools to the canvas of your masterpiece
the blues of a cold city night against
the bright lights
Hide behind Me
I will protect you, shade you
from the harsh flashes of the world
from truths that bear more lies
Hold me, hold Me
feel every curve, every twist, every knot
I am cold as metal
and I seek the warmth of your hands
the essence of my emotion.

This was also for a writing activity. We had to write a poem about an abstract sculpture which unfortunately I don't have now (it was from a book.) I remember describing it as "shades, insanely twisted, saxophone,metal." There. Critique or bash it if it will please the masses.

But the feelings were long gone when these were written.
Tags: acads, cw10, poems
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