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October 10th, 2007

francezca in cw10mhy1

Congratulations, guys!

I've read all your final poems, and graded them too. (But you'll just have to wait for your class cards)

I want to congratulate everyone for your fine poems. I had a lump in my throat while reading your stuff; that's how proud I was of you all! Who would've thought that these were written by former Hallmark card "poets". ;-)

Thank you for doing well in the class. I'm happy that you were able to bring out that poetic genius that was lurking in you all this time. I hope that you'll continue to write poems, and more importantly READ as much as you can because this is essential to the craft. By now you would know a good poem from a bad one. I encourage you to join campus writers' orgs because you all have the goods. I showed some of your poems to bonafide, awarded poets, who thoroughly praised your stuff.

I also learned a lot from you, guys and thanks for that.  Thanks for the wonderful journey into the world of poetry--and the world of the self.

(if you want to shift to BA Creative Writing, you most certainly can too! and give the majors a run for their money)

October 2007

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