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Oct. 10th, 2007


Congratulations, guys!

I've read all your final poems, and graded them too. (But you'll just have to wait for your class cards)

I want to congratulate everyone for your fine poems. I had a lump in my throat while reading your stuff; that's how proud I was of you all! Who would've thought that these were written by former Hallmark card "poets". ;-)

Thank you for doing well in the class. I'm happy that you were able to bring out that poetic genius that was lurking in you all this time. I hope that you'll continue to write poems, and more importantly READ as much as you can because this is essential to the craft. By now you would know a good poem from a bad one. I encourage you to join campus writers' orgs because you all have the goods. I showed some of your poems to bonafide, awarded poets, who thoroughly praised your stuff.

I also learned a lot from you, guys and thanks for that.  Thanks for the wonderful journey into the world of poetry--and the world of the self.

(if you want to shift to BA Creative Writing, you most certainly can too! and give the majors a run for their money)

Sep. 24th, 2007


(no subject)

Precious Moments: Home

D' time
is running
very quickly.
No one cant deny,
we'll soon say byebye.
Who is going to tell a lie
that he is never going to cry?
We have been together for four years
and we are bonded as lovers and peers.
Many times we had smiled and cried tears.
Undoubtedly, this school has been our world
for almost twelve hours evr'y weekdays we are here,
spending and cherishing blithe and vivacious moments
but sometimes those unforgettable minutes cause us laments
because remembering those would make us weary when we part,
would make us frown and would definitely tickle our hearts,
but being together will always be a special time for us
Parties, dance nights and even the simple classes,
we had shared our moments smiling and crying.
In our hearts ecstatic times are dominating.
Moments are blocks that build a house.
We had a lot and we'll make more,
and soon we'll make them HOME
where to put our kind hearts.
No one can't truly deny.
We will say goodbye,
but our hearts
will stay at

I am so sorry for the simplicity of the poem. There are only few images. I wrote this last year.









Sep. 23rd, 2007


Grey Maybes//Definite Emotion

Maybe because you are the wind that pushed me to fly
Maybe because I had no wings in the first place and
I fell down into the abyss
Maybe because you were a grey cloud before
Maybe when we met you began to be
the rainbow after the storm
and I am the gray that is washed away
by your raidiance
Maybe because you dried my tears away
and put a smile on my face
Maybe because you are the wind of a storm
that still I see tears from your eyes
Maybe I'm just not the one for you.

Hello, this is Krinkle. I wrote this eons ago (don't ask) for a writing activity. We start with the word "maybe" and think of all of the phrases and words that you could think of it, and form a poem. This is how mine came out.

Hold Me, Hold me
I am cold as metal
and I seek the warmth of your hands
Your hands possess the essence of emotion
Play Me, Play me
I am your saxophone
Your tools to the canvas of your masterpiece
the blues of a cold city night against
the bright lights
Hide behind Me
I will protect you, shade you
from the harsh flashes of the world
from truths that bear more lies
Hold me, hold Me
feel every curve, every twist, every knot
I am cold as metal
and I seek the warmth of your hands
the essence of my emotion.

This was also for a writing activity. We had to write a poem about an abstract sculpture which unfortunately I don't have now (it was from a book.) I remember describing it as "shades, insanely twisted, saxophone,metal." There. Critique or bash it if it will please the masses.

But the feelings were long gone when these were written.
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(no subject)

The day you left
marked a beginning
that changed my life 

I knew this will come
so I tried to stop it.
But my strength was overthrown
by the swing of his scythe.

The thread that connected us
in an instant was gone.
I wept for your return
and for your eternal lost.

Your seat of power
in our dining table
was now a symbol
of your mighty rule.

Many of your things
were a sign of happiness
which I treasured
like dazzling gems.

Your destiny was to leave first
but soon I will follow.
To continue the journey
we left unfinished.

Sep. 22nd, 2007



The missing pieces tell me that i'm not alright
and the holes somewhere inside burn the words unspoken through my back
and it leaves me crying, thrashing, screaming
hoping you'd see me with the ashes licking my skin

Cleanse me from the inside
rid me of the filth that's eating me alive, soul first

My voice grows hoarse and everyday, i grow more silent
my tears, they start to run dry
my shadow, it grows fainter and fainter everyday

I mouth the words "Save me"
let me swallow you whole

-patricia roy


-whoo! math!-



An ordinary Thursday morning
I woke up eyes open wide, hoping that
Everything's going to be fine
And prayed for many a blessing.

As I enter in those hallowed walls
The doubt in my mind still lingers

But armed with the know-how that never falls

Somehow, someway

My mind will not falter.


I sit, I watch, I wait

Tapping my hands, hoping not to faint

Alone, in ruthless seclusion

But there she was, oh sweet intimidation!


My enemy, a sheet of white paper

My weapon, knowledge of sine and cosine laws

I wield my sword into this encounter

And hope that this mind knows no flaws.


But as I run through enemy lines

My head began to twist and turn

All of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of signs

And there I was,

On the point of no return.


Dejected, miserable, and glum

Knowing I had lost the battle

Suddenly, things began to look calm

“Maybe next time!”,  said my fiery mettle.


*my entry is about our Math17 5th Long Exam. the exam is no big deal, but that's the first thing that popped in my head  whilst thinking of a topic, hence, the title. :P

-adriann vasquez-


Sep. 21st, 2007




Sometimes I wish
I were the wind,
something you can feel
but can't see,
something you can hear
but can't see,
something you can smell
but can't see.

I wish I were the wind
because you run so fast,
so fast that only the wind
can reach you. You talk so soft,
so soft that only the wind
can hear you. You hide so well,
so well that only the wind
can be with you.

So I asked the wind for help,
and the wind said, "I'm sorry I can't,
this is not a game I want to play."
I never realized how untouchable,
unreachable you are to me.

I wish I were the wind
because only the wind
can reach you, yet
the wind won't help me to.

But I didn't know that
you are the wind. The wind
that never blew on my face,
never whispered to my ear,
never touched my skin.

Sep. 17th, 2007


The Remnants of a Lost Love

As I sat in the big, old rock near the ocean, I reminisced the times when we used to spend time together. It was just like yesterday..when we were still happy instead of months ago. I left the rock and began walking toward the ocean, a faint breeze touching my shoulders. I shivered, wrapping my arms around myself. I took a pink, pale translucent shell out of my pocket and stared at it. A diamond shaped tear escaped my eyes..and it fell into the shell. I closed my eyes, savoring the sweetness of the moment. Memories suddenly flooded my mind. Happy, carefree memories that I wouldn't trade for anything else. I walked back to the big, old rock, still clutching the shell. I remembered the start of our friendship..how we used to be good friends..and how we used to fight over petty things. I remembered the times when I was very mad at you, because you always insulted me. But then..hate became love..and we fell head over heels in love with each other. Waves splashed at my bare toes and I was startled out of my reverie. A bittersweet smile escaped from my lips and I put the shell in my lap. How I wish I could turn back the time and relive the moments together and engrave them in my mind forever. But not all of the memories were sweet. I remembered the time when you threw me out of your house and told me to get out of your life completely. Mixed emotions flooded my insides. Shock, hurt, disappointment, anger and sadness. I couldn't believe you would throw away our relationship that easily. I asked and pleaded for your explanations, yet you shut me out of your life, anyway. What hurts most was that you betrayed me and fooled me. I kept asking myself, looking for answers for your behavior, but I couldn't find any. And when you left me..I felt sad and alone. The message you've been sending was really clear all along - it's over between us. I opened my eyes and stared at the shell. The next thing you did after that was unforgivable. Tears started cascading over my cheeks again and I wiped it angrily. A few weeks later, I found you with another girl, a wide smile playing across your lips. It was the most painful heartache of my life. I turned to my subjects for comfort. My eyes fell on my calculus book. I picked it up hastily and studied hard. I aced all my tests, thanks to you. In those weeks of loneliness, math became my solace, and slowly, as time passed by, I graduated and married another man. But in all those years that passed, I still couldn't forget you..how we used to be friends and how you made my day brighter than usual. But I moved on. Waves splashed again at my feet..and I made an instant decision. This shell was the one you gave me in my birthday. After holding it for a minute, I threw the shell as far as I could..thereby making a loud sound as it finally hit the water. I heaved a sigh. Finally. I was able to let go and bury the memories we shared. That shell was the last remnant of our lost love.


I am very sorry guys...


(Inspired by a song)



When she cries, at a secluded hallway,

She’s only with her knees bent in distress

No one else, even the sun, cracks the tears she laid

Until a smoke, visits to halt her agony for a wink



When she cries, she bears all the seas, exhausted

My fond look seem not to lighten it up a bit,

Mind and heart fused to be a stream of sympathy

That liberates delight in exchange of sorrow



When she cries, her gloomy hymn invokes a quake

One step forward, two steps backward I take

Bit by bit, the bop floor crumples up, and I lose my tune

I stop and ask,” Will I wait the song until it ends?”



When she cries, she tries to veil behind her teardrops

I got closer, and I got my heart stapled with hers

I got the same wounds and bruises, but it faded hastily

And I knew the hill, the hill where she obtained it all



When she cries, and her hazel eyes magnifies

She cuddles me; I became her pillow in the sunshine

Where she could make a drought on the seas she bears

Only in her anxiety, I can borrow her warmth that I feel



When she cries, I will give her my handkerchief

The fabric that could crack up the tears she laid

And those chicks would feed on her pain and wounds

And these would lay the exhilaration she ought to reap



And I beseech, this minute yet persistent wish

That someday my hill could be the one she would yearn for to climb

A flat but a verdant hill that someday would be found
Because I become frail speck by speck, when she cries.

I am very sorry guys if I only posted today. I encountered some technical difficulties with my e-mail address and  my old livejounal accounts. I should have been the third one who had posted. I am really really sorry for the delay...

Finished: July 31, 2007, 11:07 pm


Hey guys I'm back, and here's another, I wrote this after I heard the song 'when she cries' by restless heart(right?). The song was too great for me that I came to the point I played it 51 times (+1 right now,hehe) and I even flooded my textmates with nonsense GM's(at least may nagtetext sau, joke). Medyo nadissapoint ako nung nalaman kong si Wendy daw ang dahilan kaya sumikat yung kanta, hehe, joke lang. Hope you enjoyed reading this, and I will be open to your comments, I will not be a Willie R., hehe, peace... Godbless Ciao!

Sep. 15th, 2007


..mY pOsT..

yokai.. so here's my post.. sorry i just posted it now.. my internet connection is pretty messed up so.. well.. you get my point.. this is kinda a long poem (kinda? what am i saying?! of course it's long!!!).. i confess.. "sinipag ako" because i didnt have anything else to do for the past {insert random number here} hours.. so there.. and sorry if it's not really THAT good.. this is kinda impromptu (2 hours? with the occasionally placed writer's block) coz the piece that i was working on for the past week was nothing more than crap.. honestly.. anyways.. intro's getting too long.. so here it is:

p.s. this poem isn't about angst or anything.. i just had nothing better to write about.. so there..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

+[ hopes in a jar ]+

i stored all my hopes
sealed in an air-tight glass jar
for fear of all of them
into several shimmering shards
like silvery specks of glitter
blown by an anonymous breath
hither and thither
over an overstretched
coal-black mantle
reflecting and refracting light
as though it were nothing more
than a mere child's plaything
an assortment of stones
all backbreaking
to weigh and to measure
each cut
precisely in the perfect angles
every piece
a breathtaking diamond
in its own right
silent ambitions
of life, love, and friendship
a hodge-podge of dreams:
one contrived
the other complacent
yet another constrained
as the others collide
and the others combine
all kept
inside the jar

so i put each
and all my dreams in the jar
believing whole-heartedly
that it would be enough
to protect them
to preserve them
for all eternity
or something just as long
but as the clocks turned their faces
i noticed
my dreams steadily getting darker
losing their shimmer and shine
for death
to swallow them whole
and as i watched
all my hopes drop
d e a d
like flies
watching till the faintest flares
glowed and vanished
glowed and vanished
glowed and vanished
a disturbing monotony
an insanity-inducing pattern
hearing the tiny and frail
screams of agony
from within the jar
and, not being able to bear
the infernal torment
of having to watch my dreams
slowly fall apart,
i picked up the bottle
and with the remaining strength
that i could possibly muster
heaved it
towards a dull gray cement wall
smashing it
till kingdom come
and as the smithereens
fell plickity-plack
on the bleach-stained tile floor
the room was engulfed
with a bedazzling light
as the newly resurrected pieces
drifted out
out of the dusty grilled windows
out into the wide open world
out into it's outstretched arms




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