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-whoo! math!-



An ordinary Thursday morning
I woke up eyes open wide, hoping that
Everything's going to be fine
And prayed for many a blessing.

As I enter in those hallowed walls
The doubt in my mind still lingers

But armed with the know-how that never falls

Somehow, someway

My mind will not falter.


I sit, I watch, I wait

Tapping my hands, hoping not to faint

Alone, in ruthless seclusion

But there she was, oh sweet intimidation!


My enemy, a sheet of white paper

My weapon, knowledge of sine and cosine laws

I wield my sword into this encounter

And hope that this mind knows no flaws.


But as I run through enemy lines

My head began to twist and turn

All of a sudden, I caught a glimpse of signs

And there I was,

On the point of no return.


Dejected, miserable, and glum

Knowing I had lost the battle

Suddenly, things began to look calm

“Maybe next time!”,  said my fiery mettle.


*my entry is about our Math17 5th Long Exam. the exam is no big deal, but that's the first thing that popped in my head  whilst thinking of a topic, hence, the title. :P

-adriann vasquez-



fun poem! hee. the way you mixed the artist and technical side was good :D
*is crying* hindi ka nag-iisa! Fine, I know you weren’t that depressed when you took your exam, but hey, I was, so I can relate.

Interesting how you strung a math exam into a knights-and-dragons fight scene. Get it? A really commonplace theme said in a different way. and it actually it captures the emotion of students taking an exam, whether it’s math or whatnot. I was half expecting you to describe the teacher as a giant ogre guarding the room or something. Amusing.

I don’t see why you described the room to be hallowed. That makes it holy, right? nothing else in the text supports that.

Just one thing. Codename M17LE5 sounds good, but doesn’t jive with images like swords and pretty much most of the language, except for “enemy lines”. Also, I don’t think you should put M17LE5 as the title if what it meant to say was that this is about your math 17 long exam. If someone who wasn’t from UP picked this up, he’d probably spend lots of time thinking of its meaning, and realize that it doesn’t really give a huge contribution when trying to understand the poem.

Good luck… in math and other things :)

October 2007

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